An overview by Dale;

It all started in 1987, when I was in my early teens, mad keen on all things 4x4 and desperate for an old Landrover or similar to play in the fields. Then my father mentioned the Haflinger, he had a test drive in one at Peter Wards in the early 70’s and was very impressed. So after much searching and at age 14 I became the owner of a tired LWB poly cab Haflinger, REP 144M.

I was now on a steep learning curve – How do you set up the carburettor ? Why can I not get reverse ? What’s that clicking noise when I go round corners ? As you can imagine I soon became friends with Peter Ward who helped me tremendously, without him I would have given up but he always took the time to explain what I needed to do to keep it going.

More Haflingers followed, and REP was rebuilt and the body galvanized while I was at school.

Around this time Jim Jarvie started a club in Scotland, and I started to meet other enthusiasts who are still as keen now as they were then. We had some events in Scotland and also Lealholm, at Peter’s. Later the club merged with the "English" club and it has developed into the club we know today.

Around 1991, Peter imported the first 3 ex swiss Pinzgauers. A trip to Lealholm resulted in a deal for the cheapest one of the three, and DDS 794L came to Scotland. This was followed mid 90’s by a civilian 710K with a rather chequered history and then later a military spec demonstrator 712M. In 2001 Peter tempted me into buying one of the Racal 712 radio trucks which he had in stock, as new. With foot & mouth raging at the time, work was non existent so a deal was done to trade in all 3 Pinzgauers against the "new" one. The old 712M ended up in Africa, I still miss it !

Around this time Peter had to undergo heart surgery which was a complete success, but he decided that it was time to take things a little easier and he approached us to see if we would like to buy the stock and take over the vehicle side of the business. We agreed, and in 2002 Victoria and I started Haflinger Technik. All the parts were moved to Lanark and we operated from the farm, mostly in our spare time, evenings and weekends.

Over the following years the business started to grow, more and more export, more Pinzgauer parts and more vehicles. We were now sending parts to every corner of the globe !

By the late 00’s the farm was somewhat over run with crates, vehicles & containers so a new stores shed was built at Marchburn for the small parts and the larger items & Vehicles moved to Roadmeetings Industrial estate where we have plenty of space and offices. In 2011 John Hamilton started with us as a full time administrator, packing, shipping, sourcing and purchasing parts.

Peter sadly passed away in 2014, long before his time – but his legacy lives on, because without his foresight and knowledge Haflinger Technik would not be here now.

I am still as passionate about the vehicles as I was 27 years ago. Unfortunately time does not allow much play, but I have been lucky to be able to collect a few interesting cars over the years which we continue to build on.

The next chapter in the Haflinger Technik story is starting to come together. During 2015 we plan to move into an adjacent unit at Roadmeetings which will enable us to bring everything under one roof (for the first time ever) with all parts, vehicles, offices, admin and a display area with various Haflingers & Pinzgauers.

Haflinger Technik can be contacted on 01555 751356

The UK Specialists for all Pinzgauer and Haflinger spares - with over £1M of genuine parts in stock !