Trip to Africa to Repair Pinnie

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Trip to Africa to Repair Pinnie

Post by steve » Sun Dec 16, 2018 9:03 pm

This was in 2013 and as we have had to redo the site a little I thought I would repost some of the repair stuff what I did on this 716 out in Africa.

Cant remember it all but the rear axles were leaking oil badly so that was a strip down to replace the seals.

The Pinz did not have the 4 wheel drive system working on further investigation I found that to be the transfer box. It had been assembled incorrectly by the previous garage so I rectified that problem.

Also did electrical work as the engine wouldn't switch off without turning the lights switch on. Wiring fault on the ignition switch wiring loom.

Then onto replacing all the axle boots with one piece ones.

Changed the injectors and checked the timing belt and pump timing as the belt had been replaced by the same garage that had fitted a new transfer box.

It had been in their workshop in the Capital city for over a year I think it was.

Oh I had to get the local welder to fabricate some heavy duty axle stands for me for the rear end so that I could get the axle and tranny box out.

Steve and Anna who owned the vehicle put me up for 3 weeks while I did the repairs they also fed and watered me.

I was working in heat around 45 degrees and in that temperature it can be quite hard to concentrate on what your doing sometimes.

Nice long flight out and back stopping off to change flights. All in all a nice experience.
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Re: Trip to Africa to Repair Pinnie

Post by steve » Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:42 pm

Looking today and found some photos of the Zambia trip so added them on to the others.

You can see Anna at the back of the truck checking that all the school children are in going back home after their day at Chipembele.

The welder made a good job of those axles stands for me, good job he did.
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