Online casinos usually don’t offer reload bonuses on all deposits. However, different online casinos have different methods of assigning the deposits for which reload bonuses are offered. Most often, the reload bonus is offered for the first deposit of the week or the first specified deposits of the month. Some online casinos have specific days of the week for reload bonuses. For example, the VIP Slots Online Casino offers a 75% reload bonus on the first deposit on Tuesday, a 50% reload bonus on the first deposit on Thursday and a 100% reload bonus on the first deposit on Saturday. Many online casinos try to make the reload bonuses more interesting by offering them as promotions. These actions are varied from month to month, whereby the offered reload bonuses differ. This breaks the monotony of always being offered the same bonus.

Another tactic that online casinos use to make bonuses more interesting is to limit wagering to certain games. This also helps the online casino to drive traffic to the games with higher house edges. Since players get a better deal for playing slots, they would be tempted to claim the slots bonus even though they have a higher house edge when playing slots. Sometimes reload bonuses are associated with betting on new casino games that have just been released. This encourages players to turn away from familiar games and try the new ones.